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Sefton Council
United Kingdom - 10 000 inhabitants

Presentation of the organisation:

Sefton Council is a metropolitan local authority serving nearly 300,000 residents. It is the most northerly of the Merseyside authorities with 22 miles of protected coastline, covering the principal towns of Bootle, Crosby, Formby, Maghull and Southport.

The Council provides all local government services to our residents including schools, social services, leisure services, environmental services highways and planning plus key partnerships with other agencies including Primary Care (Health) Trusts, Voluntary Sector and local groups.

Sefton Council acknowledges the essential role it plays in addressing climate change. The Council continually strives to offer community and business stewardship on all environmental matters in Sefton and in turn we feel that all our stakeholders have gained confidence that their local authority has ‘got its house in order’ for them reciprocally to seek ways in which they can do the same to reduce their collective impact on climate change and carbon footprints.

Sefton Council is one of the few early acting UK Local Authorities to publish a Carbon Management Plan demonstrating a modern and proactive approach to our emissions reduction of 12% by 2011 (from 2006 baseline).

The Council's declared vision is: ''To reduce Sefton Councils impact on the environment through excellent management of all our resources''

We have endorsed this locally and nationally by signing up to The UK 'Nottingham Declaration' on climate change and will add the EU dimension to our commitment this Display Campaign.

Actions implemented in the field of building performance:

Excellent progress has been made since the establishment of the corporate energy function within Seftons Energy Team to deliver energy and water efficiency savings in all our council buildings from small care homes, schools, leisure centres to Civic offices.

Guided by the core Carbon Management strategy, headline achievements in our buildings include:

 Procurement energy supply for all 320 Council buildings, ensuring best value and 80% green electricity from renewable resources - value of 10M Euros per annum.
 Gershon savings from proactive utility/billing management of 750,000 Euros (in 3 years)
 Cost savings from proactive utility/billing management of 400,00 Euros (in 3 years)
 Council staff energy awareness campaign, including recruitment of voluntary champions to drive savings in all council departments/buildings.
 Regular training sessions for school caretaker and site mangers on building controls
 Support programme to schools involving teacher to pupil in developing energy and water 'action plans' (based on energy audits) for their buildings and illustrate opportunities and links to curriculum learning.
 With UK Carbon Trust funding - established an 'invest to save' finance system - undertaken a range of heating, lighting and insulation projects - savings achieved recycled back for re-investment
 5.5% reduction in carbon emissions since 2006 = 10,711 tonnes CO2 saved per annum.
 Commenced 4 year programme to install Automatic Meter Reading (for gas, electricity ands water) in all council buildings enabling accurate carbon forecasting and abatement planning.
 Creation of the 'Southport Eco Visitor Centre' an exemplar council building which includes educational displays on all aspects of energy, water and climate change for over 300,000 visitors annually, plus dedicated school visit education function.
 Introduction of a 10% on site renewables regeneration planning rule for new build and refurbishment.
 Set up of export contracts for council's renewables generation
 Biomass systems installed in flagship leisure centre
 Local biomass supply project to feed council buildings planned.
 Partnership projects sharing best practice and programme delivery in EU - Ireland and Spain, plus new partnership with the Ukraine at National Governmental level, guiding this young democracies future policy on energy and carbon abatement.
 Through proactive outreach work, linked the domestic energy side of our energy teams business with the council (building) side to forge understanding in how and why reducing energy and water is vital at home and at work.

Number of buildings involved up to now:

Day nursery / Kindergarten
General school
Professional school
Administrative building

Swimming pool
Sport hall
Social / Cultural building

Health centre
Rescue centre

Individual house

Contact:Mme Louise Boardman
Department:Energy Team


4th Floor, Magdalen House
GB-L20 3NJ Liverpool

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