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Lausanne - Switzerland


The Guesthouse in the centre of Lausanne
This tourist guesthouse, owned by the Swiss railway and managed privately, was comprehensively refurbished with energy efficiency improvements and solar water heating under an energy service contract delivered by the Lausanne Utilities.


Situated near the rail station of Lausanne, the Guesthouse is easily accessible for visitors. In this way, from its own point of view, the Guesthouse promotes sustainable transport. The CFF (Swiss railroads) are the owners of this building, constructed in 1895. The Lausanne Utilities (SIL) are the energy service providers for the building. Following a consultation between CFF and SIL, both decided to undertake a refurbishment in accordance with the Swiss Minergie system of building energy performance accreditation.

Building details

Type of building: Commercial / tourist guesthouse
Year of construction/ Floor area/ Operating hours: Constructed in 1895, the building has a floor area of 2,100 m2
Heating and cooling / measures installed Insulation of façade, roof and basement ceiling; window replacement; controlled ventilation with heat recovery; 62 m2 of thermal solar cells contribute to hot water supply
Energy label/CO2 emissions For 2005 the rating for energy consumption was A (126 kWh/m2/a), B for CO2 emissions (22 kg/m2/a), and E for water consumption (1106 l/m2/a)

Project Description

Aim The town of Lausanne has been developing a strong sustainable energy policy. The three main actors (CFF, SIL and the managers of Guesthouse) chose to adopt a sustainable energy approach. The aim was to refurbish the building taking its environmental footprint into account and achieving the best possible level of energy effectiveness. The Guesthouse has been refurbished adopting a whole building approach, directed towards low energy consumption.
Key points Within the framework of environmental improvement, Lausanne offers free energy audits. SIL proposed to the owners to carry out an audit in their building. This service comprises an analysis, a consultation and an evaluation to optimize the energy effectiveness of the building. Remote management system made it possible to undertake a rigorous follow-up, leading to primary energy savings of approximately 5% compared to a ‘traditional’ system.SIL proposed an energy service contract with the tenant CFF. The integration of renewable energy is an indispensable condition for the provision of the energy service. Collaboration between the owner and the SIL is carried out as follows:
- SIL finance all heat generation plant and ensure the exploitation and the maintenance of these installations for 15 years.
- The owner only pays for useful energy consumed.

Within this framework, SIL make sure that the selected technologies are the best available on the market and that they are installed according to best practice.SIL publish a leaflet entitled “4 seasons” devoted to energy effectiveness. It sensitises, informs and advises the population of Lausanne on adopting more environmentally friendly lifestyles.During the Romandie’s (francophone Switzerland) “Energy Day”, Lausanne will launch its Display campaign. The first step in communication is raising awareness in schools.

Reason for inclusion as Shining Example This Shining Example is of the renovation of a building built before 1900, with 3 cm façade insulation, insulation of the roof and the basement ceiling, window replacement, installation of controlled ventilation with heat recovery and 62 m2 of the thermal solar cells for the production of warm water. The investment, the maintenance and the operation of the installations were carried out by SIL within the framework of an energy service contract. The project received the Swiss solar prize in 2002.


Costs &


SIL participated in a programme of refurbishment of the CFF’s assets, contributing a fixed sum covering heat production.The duration of the energy service contract is 15 years – the amortisation period of the installations.
Benefits The principal benefits are the energy savings and the use of a building integrated renewable energy source limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


Partnership details The partners in the refurbishment project were CFF, SIL and the tenant who manages the Guesthouse. The partnership was established in the context of the building’s stakeholders. Participation in the Display Campaign arose from Energie Cités and the political good-will of the town of Lausanne.


Achievements The project is of interest if full accounting is made for future energy consumption, so that the forecast energy savings can be compared over a longer period. The energy service contractor approach will be of most interest if the customer intends to integrate renewable energies. In most cases, integrated renewable solutions are not economically profitable compared with standard traditional solutions using only standard economic models (especially over the short term), but they become very profitable in comparison of the identical technical solution, when in partnership with SIL.
Lessons Learned The energy services contract approach is a good solution for promoting the renewable energies and for gaining in energy saving. And the technologies used can be widely implemented.This example showed that refurbishment can lead on a success in energy effectiveness.

To know more

Organisation Municipalité de Lausanne, Services Industriels
Contact Georges Ohana
Phone +41 21 315 87 12

Useful info

Arrangements to visit Lausanne Guesthouse

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CH-1007 Lausanne


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