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Braşov - Romania

The Energy Efficiency Week

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In 2003, the energy management and environment protection agency – ABMEE – was set up in Brasov municipality. This was the direct result of the involvement and commitment of the municipality in the energy efficiency and environment protection field. ABMEE was the main organiser of the Energy Efficiency Week. The activities targeted both citizens and local and national authorities as well as other international actors in the field. Citizens were given useful information and advice on energy efficiency issues and were presented simple actions that can be implemented for reducing consumption. The local and national authorities were encouraged to join the BISE initiative, which encourages the creation and strengthening of networks of towns and cities promoting energy efficiency in the New Member States, Candidate Countries, Western Balkan Countries and Ukraine.


Aim Information and empowering of citizens regarding energy efficiency and coming forward with practical solutions for the problems East European countries encounter in their attempt to implement energy efficiency projects.
Key points In the framework of the Energy Efficiency Week three main events took place:
- Launching of Display in Brasov
- Launching of an Energy Info Point
- The first Romanian BISE forum

Display - After having introduced an energy management system (EMS) to monitor the energy and water consumption in Brasov joining the Display Campaign was the next logical step for ABMEE. During the Energy Efficiency Week Display was launched in three schools, two of which are high schools and one an elementary school. In each of the schools the pupils prepared a special event according to their school profile to celebrate the official launching event. The pupils of the high school with a sports orientation carried out a handball match, while the ones from the school with an arts orientation prepared a painting on energy efficiency and the pupils from the elementary school held a presentation on what energy is and how everyone can contribute to improve energy efficiency. Each of the 110 pupils present received a small promotional gift. Moreover, every institution received 6 digital thermometers for temperature monitoring in the key points of their respective building. As follow-up ABMEE will prepare a course module on the topic of energy efficiency to be implemented in those schools that are now part of the Display Campaign.

Info Point - The Energy Info Point is the result of a PHARE project, RO-2002/000-586.04.08/01 “Energy efficiency at local level,” of which ABMEE was one of the beneficiaries. The Energy Info Point is the first of its kind in Romania. Here, citizens can find free of charge, useful information and advice on energy efficiency issues, e.g. simple actions that can be implemented for reducing the electricity consumption of electrical appliances, what kind of equipment is recommended in different situations, etc. There are also brochures, guides and a whole series of other useful material available. The launch was accompanied by two contests: a contest for sidewalk drawings and graphics for pupils and one contest for citizens.

BISE Forum - The first Romanian BISE Forum was a two day event during which participants tried to come forward with practical solutions for the problems the East European countries encounter in their attempt to implement energy efficiency projects, problems which are quite specific and different from the problems of the West European countries. 43 people attended the conference, mainly representatives of Romanian municipalities with more than 100.000 inhabitants, representatives of the Association of Romanian Municipalities (AMR), as well as representatives of national and international networks in the field.
Reason for inclusion as Shining Example The Energy Efficiency Week in Brasov is a good example of how energy efficiency matters can be communicated to a variety of population groups by choosing appropriate communication strategies for each one of them. The mixture of local and national events, i.e. launching Display and the Energy Info Point at the same time as having a national conference on energy efficiency issues, ensured that experts as well as non-experts were addressed and increased the probability that the example will be followed in other regions.


Costs &


The total cost of the event was 10.000 EUR. Through the involvement of the partners (Brasov municipality, Energie-Cités network in Romania, Energie Cites and UNDP Romania), 7.500 EUR was contributed as financial support for the action.
Benefits The Energy Efficiency Week in October 2005 was the first event of this kind organized in Brasov. All stakeholders (local and national authorities, citizens, media) have been confronted with a new concept of improving their life comfort. Therefore results in terms of CO2 emissions and energy saved are expected to start being measurable in the course of 2006/07.


Partnership details ABMEE was the main organiser of the Energy Efficiency Week. The partners in the project were: Brasov municipality, Energie-Cites network in Romania, Energie Cites and UNDP Romania.


Achievements The main reason to organize an event like this was the lack of interest of the public in reducing their energy consumption often resulting from a lack of knowledge regarding Renewables, energy efficiency and cost effective solutions to save energy.As indicators for measuring the success of the week the number of participants in each event, press coverage and the outcomes of each event were chosen.The aim of raising awareness on energy efficiency and the rational use of energy among pupils and other public groups was achieved and also the first energy info point in Romania was successfully promoted.All in all the Energy Efficiency Week was a very successful event, with important media coverage both locally and internationally. As a result the municipality decided to support the organisation of another Energy Efficiency Week in 2006.
Lessons Learned - Awareness raising on key issues regarding the rational use of energy and environmental protection.
- Proactive involvement of the public in projects.
- Support from authorities and other actors for the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

The second energy efficiency week will be organized in 2006. It is a series of events related to energy efficiency. Linking events together helps raising awareness and media coverage. This event can be replicated in any municipality. The first event was just the beginning. The launch of the Display campaign, the first BISE forum, the launch of the first Energy Info Point. The results of these projects, emphasising the benefits, both environmental and financial, will be presented to citizens, authorities and other actors.

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ABMEE Agency for the Management of Energy and Environment Brasov
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Phone +40 268 474 209

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