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Megaman UK Limited, CYBER Display private sector pilot group


Megaman UK Limited is a manufacturer of low energy lamps – compact fluorescent and LED light sources - and distributes to the retail and distribution markets, and to light fitting manufacturers. It is part of the Neonlite group (Hong Kong) that is the largest manufacturer of low energy lamps in the world selling 180 million lamps in 2008.


The case study focuses on Megaman’s experience using the Display® tool and of engaging business customers to use the tool with our assistance to try and determine if it is customer friendly enough for them to consider purchase.


Megaman prides itself on innovation, our products use semi-conductors which is unique in the industry and our lamps last twice as long as others that are available on the market. We therefore are interested in any initiative or project that can help drive the country to adopting better energy saving measures. We are also keen supporters of education measures to allow customers to make better informed choices.

Megaman’s Display® activities

Megaman has displayed a poster in the reception of our head office in Welwyn Garden City. This has been seen by many customers from all around the UK who visit us for product training and general business meetings. The reaction and interest has proved very encouraging and many customers have asked what the certificate relates to.
We have also produced posters for associated businesses. These businesses have had a mixed response to the display of their building performance posters. Zodian, a manufacturer based in Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire did not receive any questions from visitors or staff about their poster. ICS Shipping in Birmingham received a few questions but it should be noted that this is a relatively small office environment and most of their direct customers do not visit the site. Don Whitely Scientific, an instrument maker based in Shipley, Bradford, in contrast had a good response from visitors and internal staff who engaged and thought it was very useful to show data on energy and water use publically as it acts as a constant reminder of progress towards better energy efficiency.

Thoughts on the Display® tool and Display® campaign

The poster is very worthwhile and I personally think a valuable tool. The issues are to do with the online tool interface. I would like to see a wizard produced to guide you through the data input process which highlights the minimum data required. It is quite hard to understand from all of the data fields on the screen what exactly is required at a minimum so a visual guide would be helpful.
The water section is difficult to use and not linked appropriately for different buildings types, for example our building has a large floor area but relatively low occupancy, as the water measure compares water used to floor area the result from our building is skewed. This will need some attention if it is to serve the variety of building types in this sector.


Actually gathering data on energy and water consumption is quite difficult and needs careful scrutiny to ensure it is accurate. Many of the utility companies’ own description of data on their bills is quite hard to read and understand!
Although gathering the data was a challenge we found that the process forced us to consult colleagues and discuss the issue and has led to initiatives within the organisation to reduce environmental impact.
Overall I would say the experience has been positive and very worthwhile I want to be involved in promoting the display campaign further.

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Megaman UK Limited
Address 1 Quadrant Park, Mundells Welwyn Garden City Herts AL7 1FS
Phone 0845 408 4625
Website Megaman

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