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Bistrița’s citizens called to action with the help of Display® and ENGAGE

14 juin 2012, Laura Guérin | 742

On "World Environment Day" on 5 June, the municipality of Bistrița called citizens to action via the two European campaigns Display® and ENGAGE in which the city is actively involved.

Mr. Ovidiu Teodor Crețu, Mayor of Bistrița © city of BistrițaThe motto of this year’s World Environment Day : "Green Economy : Does it include you ?" gave the opportunity to Mr. Ovidiu Teodor Crețu, Mayor of Bistrița Municipality, to urge citizens to respond to this challenge through their participation in the ENGAGE and Display® campaign.

Participants attending the event, preschoolers, students and teachers have taken pro-energy saving commitments. These commitments will be posted online on the ENGAGE campaign gallery : "We commit ourselves to adopt green economy in our everyday behaviour" (see poster) or " We commit ourselves to selectively collect as many recyclable waste as possible". There were also presented a few of the posters and commitments made at previous events.

ENGAGE posterOn this occasion they exhibited Display® posters showing the energy consumption of 17 schools in the city that have been involved in the campaign since September 2011. The Eco Energy teams from "Lucian Blaga" School and the Agricultural School Group have been awarded for the more complex and original measures taken in order to reduce energy consumption in schools (including : the use of energo-economic bulbs, switching off computers and electronic devices from the mains electricity even if they are on standby, replacing windows and school external wall insulation, installation of light sensors in hallways and restrooms, turning off switches in the classroom during breaks).

The next action from the calendar of the Display® and ENGAGE campaigns in Bistrița, will take place during "Bistrița City Days", on 13-15 July 2012.

Visit Bistrița’s ENGAGE poster gallery.

ENGAGE is a participative communications campaign implemented by European local authorities. Joining the campaign is FREE the first year for the first 150 local authorities.

Cities use this initiative as a communication tool to share their energy and climate objectives locally. Indeed, this campaign commits all citizens and stakeholders to make personal energy-saving pledges and therefore contribute to the cities’ own energy and climate targets.

Thanks to a user-friendly online tool, local authorities can create participant posters. Showcasing the pledges of every participant demonstrates the power of combined energy-saving actions. The objective is also to develop efficient local communications campaigns which lead to tangible energy savings via the monitoring of participants’ energy consumption.

The interactive ENGAGE Guidebook will take you through how to create a successful local ENGAGE campaign.

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