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What is the Display® Campaign?

The European Display® Campaign is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from 20 European towns and cities. It is aimed at encouraging local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances.

The idea is to engage citizens and make them more conscious of their energy consumption in order to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and achieve financial savings.

Towns such as Modena (IT), Frankfurt (DE), Bielsko-Biala (PL), Lille (FR), Leicester (GB) and many others have already joined the campaign. All of them benefit from attractive economic and social advantages as a result of their participation in the Campaign.

History of the Display® Campaign

The Campaign which was started in 2003 by Energie-Cités, the association of European local authorities for intelligent local policy, is the first of its kind in Europe and aims to run for at least a decade. The first phase of the project (funded by the European Commission’s ENV department) involved the combined effort of 21 pilot towns in 18 countries and four technical and scientific experts. After a period of co-financing in the first half of 2005 it is now funded by the European Commission (TREN) under the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme. The current project titled "Towards Class A" brings together four new partners:
- The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)
- The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE)
- The European Association of the Conservation of Energy (EuroACE)
- The Center for Energy Efficiency - Bulgaria (EnEffect)

Since 2006, the towns which have the best results for their communication campaigns will be presented annually with the "Towards Class A Award".
Recently a decision was made to make Display available to a wider audience. Private sector companies are now welcome to participate in the Display Campaign.
See who can join the Campaign.

How will my municipality benefit?

Thanks to the Display® Campaign, each municipality can:
- make financial savings,
- raise awareness concerning energy and water consumption amongst users and managers of municipal buildings
- benefit from an evaluation tool that assists in Municipal decision making
- anticipate the implementation of the European Buildings Directive
- take part in a practical and visible European undertake a practical and visible campaign to fight climate change

What tools are available to me?

Municipalities taking part in the Display campaign are provided with an online tool that enables them to:
- calculate a building’s energy, water and CO2 consumption,
- classify buildings, from A to G, according to a similar scale used for household electrical appliances,
- Display results within public buildings using the Display voluntary label.

The calculation tool also enables them to:
- assess the performance of each building, which may lead to the implementation of a municipal improvement plan,
- compare, year by year, the performances of a building in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption and to measure progress,
- compare performances of their buildings with other European municipalities.

Join the Display® Campaign

Be a pioneer by joining the European Display® Campaign today to...

- anticipate and be well prepared for the implementation of the European Directive,
- benefit from communication tools and aids,
- know the energy saving potential of your buildings,
- benefit from the experience of other cities by taking part in an European movement,
- use a system developed on a voluntary basis by municipal energy managers.

Any European municipality can take part in the Display® Campaign, whatever its size, the size of its public buildings or its level of knowledge regarding energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption of its buildings.

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