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Learning by doing

Learning by doing


Ivano-Frankivsk lies in the Precarpathian plain at the convergence of the fast waters of the Nadvirnianska Bystrytsia and the Solotvynska Bystrytsia Rivers. Ivano-Frankivsk is the regional capital and one of the largest economic and cultural centres in western Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk with its 240.000 inhabitants is a large centre of mechanical engineering, wood-processing, chemical and light industry. The Precarpathian University, the Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil and Gas, the Medical Academy and the Spiritual Institute of the Greek-Catholic Church train their students to become skilled specialists.As a former country of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine became an independent state after a referendum in 1991. Since then the democratic Ukrainian banner flies over the city.

Building details

Type of building: Educational
Year of construction/ Floor area/ Operating hours: Built in 1895 / Floor area 2742 m² / Operating hours 50 hours per week.
Heating and cooling / measures installed gas stove heating
Energy/CO2/Water label (before and after improvements if possible)

Project Description

Aim In the past, the efficiency of water and electricity consumption was not an issue that was managed seriously in Ivano-Frankivsk. Significant losses of water and electricity occurred because of the misuse of municipal buildings (i.e. leasers are not aware of water and electricity consumption; there are often water leaks due to stop valve failure).These serious environmental problems made the school principle of the General High School No 7 in Ivano-Frankivsk consider implementing a number of positive activities to help bring sustainability into the school and the minds of its pupils. These were the two starting points:
*- Exchanging wooden window frames with modern PVC frames
*- Awarenessraising among pupils and other building users
Key points Technical means: Energy and water consumption is closely monitored by the high school’s administration. The expected annual consumption is determined according to the average consumption of recent years.

Where consumption is higher than expected, possible reasons for this are investigated, with a view to finding an appropriate solution. If there is no objective reason for the extra consumption this is brought to the attention of the school’s administrator.

Due to this monitoring the school was able to reduce their water consumption via two simple actions: reparation of the toilets and pipes and installation of stop valves.

In 1999 the roof of the school was partially repaired and in 2001 a significant number of wooden window frames were replaced with PVC window frames.

Despite the age of the building, it is well insulated thus naturally helping to reduce the consumption of energy.

Communication activities: Sustainability of the General High School No 7 is not only a question of technical issues. It is also essential that building users adapt their energy and water consumption habits. That is why the school principle started the following actions.

In Ukrainian schools a subject titled "Principles of Life Activities” is taught. But within this subject energy saving is not a special topic. The schools of Ivano-Frankivsk felt that this was a problem and thus made the decision to introduce it into this subject. They thus produced an adapted textbook in order to help teach this topic. Every pupil was provided with one copy.

Furthermore the handbook called "Bringing Sustainable Energy Into Your School" will be translated into Ukrainian. The handbook was produced by Energie-Cités in 2006 as a part of the project titled SchooBIE-DO (School Buildings Integrated Energy Development Operation). On the one hand this will help energy managers of schools to turn the buildings into environmentally friendly schools. On the other hand the handbook also gives useful advice on how to integrate the subject of energy into the curriculum.

Teachers who teach the "Principles of Life Activities" also took part in a workshop. They were familiarised with the different practical methods of teaching this subject and how to use the Display® posters in order to make pupils aware of environmental friendly behaviour.

Pupils in Ivano-Frankivsk also tackle energy saving issues during physics lessons, partake in discussions on the subject and go on excursions to the communal water supplier “Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotechprom”. It is the only water supplier of the city. These excursions aim to show the children how the water supply of a city works and the importance of avoiding waste.

Reason for inclusion as Shining Example The inclusion of energy saving lessons into the subject "Principles of Life Activity" is unique in Ukraine. But it is obvious that it is a very current theme which should be discussed more often. Working with children on this theme is essential and needs to be introduced to all schools and high schools. The youth are the future and need to be aware of environmental issues.

Furthermore it is important to point out that the school has a very good environmental performance, as demonstrated through the Display Campaign ratings.

Costs & Benefits

Costs & funding All actions concerning the partial renovation of the school building (roof and windows) were financed by the City of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The costs for the school materials were financed by SPARE.

Note: SPARE = School Project on Application of Resources and Energy

Benefits The reduction of energy and water consumption has resulted in financial savings. The municipality will invest all of the money saved by municipal buildings in turning Ivano-Frankivsk into a sustainable city, step by step.

Partners & Roles

Partnership details SPARE supported the project by sponsoring the "Energy Saving" textbooks for all schools in Ivano-Frankivsk.

TThe enterprise “Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotechprom” plays its part by inviting pupils of the General High School No 7 to visit it.


Achievements Thanks to the monitoring and management of energy and water consumption financial savings have been made.

The new subject introduced to the school’s curriculum makes pupils aware of energy and water consumption. The students share their knowledge with their families and friends, which leads to further financial savings in other buildings and in general to a sustainable future.

Lessons Learned The project is already a great success for the city, but there is still some work to do. The stoves in the school building are very old. Their environmental performance is poor and they have to be replaced in the near future.

In addition to the already ongoing communication activities, the school plans to hang their Display poster in the entrance hall next to the news board. This will ensure that all building users see the poster.

To know more



Ivano-Frankivsk City Council
Contact Ivan Dmytruchenko _ І.Дмитрученко
Phone +38 03 42 55 65 25

Useful Info

Website SPARE website English

SPARE website Russian

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