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Our associated partners cover a wide range of private companies, public associations and NGOs. Under the umbrella of a partnership agreement they engage themselves in the successful application of the Display® Campaign.
On the one hand, the associations and organisations are partners that work at national level to promote the Campaign to their members and to assist them in its implementation. On the other hand, the private partners offer financial and
know-how support and thus facilitate the practical implementation of the Display® Campaign and the improvement of energy and water performance of public buildings.

Associations and Networks

- Energie-Cités
- The Council of European Municipalities and Regions
- The Architects’ Council of Europe
- EuroACE
- Association of Irish Energy Agencies
- EnEffect, the Centre for Energy Efficiency- Bulgaria
- Ecoenergy
- Vereniging Klimaatverbond Nederland
- Yorkshire and Humber Assembly
- SuisseEnergie for the municipalities

Private Partners

- Dexia Group
- Isover
- Philips Lighting
- AquaClic
- eCube
- Caisse des Dépôts

Associations and Networks

The association of European local authorities promoting a local sustainable energy policy.
Project co-ordinator

The network of municipalities covers the whole of Europe. This includes member municipalities from more than 20 European countries. In total Energie-Cités has 129 members through which more than 500 municipalities are involved.
Contact: Peter Schilken

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions

44 national associations of municipalities which in turn bring together 100,000 local authorities.
Contact: Emilia Stantcheva

The Architects’ Council of Europe

ACE, bringing together 40 professional associations of architects from across the whole of Europe, with 450,000 member architects.

Contact: Alain Sagne

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

EuroACE, the European Alliance for Companies promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings, for products and services, grouping 22 leading companies and posting sales of € 70bn with 438,000 employees.
Contact: Winton Smith

Association of Irish Energy Agencies

The Association of Irish Energy Agencies is an all-island body supporting the development and implementation of energy policy and best practice in an impartial and effective manner.

EnEffect, the Centre for Energy Efficiency- Bulgaria
An experienced Bulgarian partner, leader of the EcoEnergy network grouping 40 towns.
Contact: Zoia Giurova


The Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy is an association of Bulgarian municipalities, established in February 1997 at the initiative of the mayors of 23 municipalities. The main objective of EcoEnergy is to support the efforts of the central and local authorities for attainment of sustainable development of the country.
The Network has three strategic objectives: to raise energy efficiency awareness in member municipalities; to create conditions for diminishing the burden of energy costs on municipal budgets; to reduce the energy costs incurred by individual end-users in municipalities.
EcoEnergy collaborates successfully with governmental and non-governmental institutions and the private sector for achieving its goals. Currently 45 Bulgarian municipalities are members of the Network.

Vereniging Klimaatverbond Nederland

The Dutch Climate Alliance or Vereniging Klimaatverbond Nederland is an association of 120 Dutch municipalities and provinces responsible for reinforcing environmental and climate policy. They have been designated by WWF to take care of the promotion of the international Climate Symbol and this logo will appear on all municipal posters that are members of the alliance.

Yorkshire and Humber Assembly

The Yorkshire and Humber Assembly consists of representatives from 22 city councils, along with a range of social, economic and environmental organisations. Besides promoting and lobbying for the region in the capitals of the UK and EU one of its main tasks is to help shape where and what types of development will meet the future needs of the region and therefore work towards a sustainable future.

SuisseEnergie for the municipalities

SuisseEnergie is the federal program dedicated to the promotion of the renewable energies and the rational use of energy. It will last until 2010.
With the label Cité de l’énergie® - european energy award® and under name "SuisseEnergie pour les communes", an attractive approach is proposed to the cities, the towns and the areas. Any commune can thus seize the occasion to develop programs and actions adapted to contribute concretely to the objectives of SuisseEnergie which are as follows:

- From here till 2010, to reduce by 10% the emissions due to the consumption of fossil energies.
- Within the same times, to limit to 5% the increase in consumption of electricity.
- To avoid any fall of the proportion of the consumption of hydroelectricity in spite of the opening of the market.
- To increase at least 1% (that is to say by 0,5 térawatthour) the part of renewable energies for electricity and 3% for the production of hot water.

The municipalities play an essential part in the implementation of the SuisseEnergie program. They must give the example to the population and SME by creating the essential conditions with the application of voluntary measures, for example in the field of renewable energies or that of mobility.

Private Partners

Dexia Group

Dexia Group was born in 1996 by the alliance between two prime stakeholders in the field of local public financing in Europe, i.e. Crédit Local de France and Crédit Communal de Belgique. Both institutions, as well as the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), merged in 1999 into a single company listed on the stock exchange under the name of Dexia. This was one of the very first cross-border mergers in the banking sector in Europe.

End of 2005 Dexia adopted a new institutional motto “No achievement without lasting commitment”, which adds value to the Group’s roots, recalls its founding values – a sense of long-term activities and care for the general interest of all –, and reveal that the group is committed in a sustainable development policy (Sustainable Development Report 2005


Being one of the 15 biggest financial corporations in the eurozone, Dexia is the world leader in public/project finance ; it is also a top retail bank in Belgium and Luxembourg, a recognized European stakeholder in investment management services e.g. in sustainable investment funds and an expert in financial markets.


ISOVER, the main worldwide brand of Saint-Gobain’s Insulation Activity, creates efficient insulation solutions to provide safe comfort for users and to help protect the environment.
By its worldwide experience, it is a major partner for energy efficiency in new buildings or renovation. Decreasing drasticly the needs of energy is always the first step for sustainable construction.
When it is also providing a better comfort for indoor living, as well by thermal or acoustic ambiance, it becomes a must ...

Philips Lighting

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is one of the world’s biggest electronics companies and Europe’s largest, with sales of EUR 30.3 billion in 2004. It is also the world number one in Lighting.

Philips and Energie-Cités have decided to develop cooperation in the European Campaign Display. They will draw attention to the potential lighting energy gains to be achieved in municipalities and provide local and regional authorities with information and available best practices. Philips will also provide financial support to the Campaign and publicise the Campaign via their publications, at events etc.


AquaClic is a Swiss made water-saving product by Aqua Art Ltd. Zurich. It fits on all taps, saves 50% water, energy and costs without any loss in
AquaClic comes in more than 150 designs, from elegant stainless
steel to colourful animal-designs or cool pop-art – and – you can have it
customized with your own design or coat of arms.
With this unobtrusive but fun «advertising» on private or public taps, e.g.
in schools, you can both: sensitize children and adults to use water and
energy more carefully, enhancing their ecological awareness.
And you can drastically cut down on water, energy and money, at the same
time enhancing your image as a modern, responsible municipality.

eCube: A green solution for business.

A green solution for the food and beverage industries has now arrived in the shape of the eCube. Invented by British engineers and patented globally, this small wax cube has been tested in-house and by independent organisations, and has been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 33 per cent.
We estimate an eCube to every one of the commercial refrigeration units in the UK would save over a million tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Caisse des Dépôts

Caisse des Dépôts

Caisse des Dépôts is one of the leading banking institutions in France. Founded already in 1816, it is today the leading administrator of French savings deposits and retirement savings funds and of private funds that are protected under French law as well as a leading long-term investor. It is present throughout France with a broad network of regional offices, which work directly with local and regional governments.
As a mayor institutional investor, Caisse des Dépôts is engaged in a process of working towards enhanced sustainable development while supporting national and local governments.
Thus, it has set up a sustainable development department to co-ordinate and disseminate its actions in the following three fields: social and environmental responsibility, socially responsible investing and the fight against global warming.

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