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Shining Examples – The Casa Municipal Do Ambiente in Almada
| 657 visits

What are Shining Examples? The idea behind "Shining Examples" is to promote good practice so that local authorities can learn from each other and discover that "shining examples are everywhere and in a town near to you".. A Shining Example does not necessarily have to have a high efficiency (...)


Towards "Class A" Award | 605 visits
The Towards "Class A" Award will recognise good municipal communication practice and aims to raise the awareness of building users about the energy and (...)


Partner Portrait - EuroACE | 505 visits
In 1998, 20 of Europe’s leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of a variety of energy saving goods and services (...)


Display™ Campaign results update | 593 visits
There are currently 114 cities from 19 countries involved in the Display™ Campaign of which 99 are registered on the website. More than 1950 buildings (...)

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The “Towards Class A” electronic newsletter is intended to keep you posted on the activities and progress of the “Towards Class A - Municipal Buildings as Shining Examples” project (-).
The “Towards Class A” project is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG TREN. It is aimed at anticipating and accelerating the implementation of the European “Buildings” Directive through the extension of the European Display™ Campaign.

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