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UK User’s Club 15th October 2009
| 337 visits

The Milton Keynes Council Climate Change Team organised the second UK National Display day on the 15th of October. This was attended by over 50 people from 30 organisations, mostly local authorities. It included presentations and workshops, on the theme of giving delegates a better (...)


Second Display users club held in the Czech Republic | 386 visits
Prague, 1st October 2009, the 2nd Czech Display Users Club was part of a special seminar organised at the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical (...)


Schools with pools – now with their very own benchmarks | 280 visits
Thanks to the request of the city of Zurich, who has a number of schools with pools (without sub-metering), the Display team has activated the buildings (...)


Display in Action - Photo Competition! | 303 visits
Do you have any original and communicative photos illustrating the Display Campaign in your city or region? The Display website is currently being updated (...)

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