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  Monthly newsletter n°27 - February 2010   www.display-campaign.org


26th of March, 2010: The final day for the 2010 TCA Awards applications.
| 266 visits

You are just in time. In January this year, the Display® Campaign launched the 4th edition of the European awards “Towards Class A”. This award goes to the most creative, innovative and committed communication campaigns that involve as much of the society as possible, around the subject of the (...)


“Inventing tomorrow: city life in transition” | 251 visits
Energie-Cités’ Anniversary Rendezvous, 28-30 April 2010 - Salerno (IT) The challenge of European cities is to invent today a tomorrow where quality of life (...)


Four new buildings added to Display and some fine-tuning to existing building types | 238 visits
Thanks to the adaptation work we are currently carrying out for the Swiss we have been able to add four new building types to the Display calculation tool (...)


Display on the largest block of flats in central Europe | 326 visits
During the inauguration of the large-scale renovation works of Hungary’s largest block the Display poster was unveiled to show the estimated energy, CO2 and (...)


10 Swiss cities unite to simultaneously “Display” their buildings’ performances | 283 visits
On the 5th of February 2010 over 100 labels were simultaneously “Display”ed in 10 cities within the Swiss “l’Arc jurassien” region. This activity was initiated (...)

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