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The Display® Campaign:

This users’ guide will provide – to all interested parties – an understanding of the Display® poster as well as information and help for users of the poster generation tool. This tool has been designed and developed by and for the energy managers’ of the European cities members of the Display® Campaign.

The European Campaign Display® was launched in order to anticipate – by a voluntary initiative – the implementation of the “Energy Performance of Buildings” Directive EPBD. Now that the EPBD is being implemented in most Member States, Display® is being adapted to national legislation and used as a complementary communication activity according to national requirements.
Display® focuses on the part of the EPBD, which requires the Member-States to publicly display information regarding the energy performance of public buildings through a building certification scheme. This can be either done using an asset rating scheme according to its architectural design and technological equipment or an operational rating according to data collected during the year.
The Display® approach complies with the EPBD by providing a label classifying buildings on the basis of an operational rating scheme.

Display® then goes beyond the ‘public display’ requirement of the EPBD by promoting specific local communication campaigns by the local authorities promoting greater interest from the public and a more in depth understanding of building performances by all involved.
For further information about the EPBD or other subjects related to the Display® Campaign, please consult its website:
Display Campaign

Structure of this users’ guide:

Chapter two briefly describes the features and the structure of the poster generation tool. The three main sections of this users’ guide are chapters three to five. These chapters provide the most important information concerning the calculation tool. Getting started (chapter three) provides an overview of the most important features available to make the use of the calculation tool easier. Create a poster (chapter four) contains detailed advice on how to enter your building and consumption data and how to manage it. Finally, Analyse your building data (chapter five) provides in depth information on how to use the statistics section.

As the developers of the Display® Campaign consider the transparency of the label very important, chapter six: "Display methodology" has been integrated into this users’ guide in order to explain – to experts and laymen – how the results of the poster are calculated.

The users’ guide is concluded by an Appendix containing information on the classification scheme, the conversion factors and their sources, and a glossary.

Explanation of used fonts, colours, and signs:

For several terms used in this users’ guide a more detailed explanation is provided in the glossary. These terms are highlighted as follows: Glossary term. Furthermore, buttons that are identical to the ones used on the website are highlighted as Button.

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