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We have carefully composed this users’ guide and the on-line help on the Internet taking into account all conceivable questions and problems that have already occurred. Nevertheless if these do not suffice, please contact the Display® team for any sort of questions and suggestions!

  • Problems with your login
  • Questions on necessary input data for generating the poster
  • Questions on results of the poster generation tool
  • Restoring deleted buildings in the building overview
  • Suggestions concerning this users’ guide and the Display® poster generation tool on the Internet
  • ...

Besides, please also contact the Display® team for questions and suggestions concerning all other categories apart from the Display® poster generation tool:

  • Feedback on your local communication activities: if you had a great success or if there have been obstacles in carrying them out
  • Questions for support in realising the Display® Campaign in your municipality
  • ...

The Display® team

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