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Communicating to change our behaviour, 25-27 April 2007 - Brasov (RO) – Display® Users Club meeting

Friday 16 February 2007

The 12th Annual Conference of Energie-Cités will be one of the first events to be organised on a European scale since the accession of Romania to the European Union, hosted by the city of Brasov. Please remember that Brasov was the winner of the second prize of the last years Display®/Towards Class Award.
The thematic of the conference is very well in line with one of the major activities local authorities are undertaking in their local Display® Campaign. So obviously the Display® Campaign is part of the conference programme in a special workshop.
The users club meeting will be combined with an international study tour to a municipal building undergoing refurbishment with energy efficiency measures. The study tour will address not only the technical aspects of the refurbishment, but also the procedural difficulties overcome and financial mechanisms utilised for realisation of the refurbishment.
The conference and the Users Club meeting will give the opportunity:

  • to bring practical and down-to-earth answers for (developing an efficient communication strategy on a local level, understanding the mechanisms behind behavioural change, involving partners, having access to professional operational support)
  • to continue exchanges about Display® Campaign
  • to appreciate the views of communication and social marketing specialists
    Looking forward to meet you in Brasov

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