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City of Kaunas participates in the European Display Campaign

Monday 11 May 2009

Kaunas with its nearly 400 thousand inhabitants is one of the most significant Lithunanian cities. It is not only a city of traditions, but also a large centre of business and industry. With its seven universities and numerous schools, it is a very young city. But it is still affected by the problems which are common for many of the former Eastern block countries. The bulildings are old and do not have a good energy performance. Greenhouse gas emissions are still very high and many of the inhabitants do not sufficiently take care of water and energy consumption. Due to the fact there are still too many buildings in Kaunas that are not efficient, one project was aimed at getting the building renovation ’ball rolling’ in the city with a visible renovation project at a local high school, the Kazio Griniaus High School in the heart of the city. The results of the renovation are monitored using the "Display" posters, wich already showed a significant improvement in 2005, compared to 2003.

The renovation of the school building contributes to the implementation of the ’Energy Performance of Building Directive’. Furthermore, the renovation is also part of Kaunas City Municipality’s activities in the European Energy Award and it forms part of the city’s Energy 21 project under the Agenda 21 programme. The Display project is the first step in Lithuania and especially in Kaunas; there are no similar pojects in other Lithuanian cities.

EEA Review 2008, 01.05.2009

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