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What did you say? Display® questionnaire on the link between communication and public buildings’ energy performance improvement evaluated!

Tuesday 29 April 2008

After the launch of this survey at the end of last year (December 2007), we received 87 responses. We are pleased to say that 60 respondents completed the whole questionnaire.
37 respondents have already started their communication campaign. With curiosity and a high interest we particularly read the 35 answers that were given in the section dedicated to communication.

Below is a snippet of the findings:

How many posters are displayed, according to their size?

When analysing the data for all the respondents, the majority of posters were under the common A4 format. However, for the 35 respondents who started their communication campaign and completed the questionnaire, there were more A3 than A4 posters, some A2, A1 and even bigger sizes of posters in ‘other’, showing that when the campaign has started, the size of display is much bigger.

This is highlighted in the graph below.

If you would like to read the entire report – please click here.

Thank you to all the participants and keep up with the good work!

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