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| 540 visits

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"Towards Class A" Guidelines available on-line | 519 visits
The Display® Campaign already has more than three years experience with many of the cities or regions having displayed their energy and water performance (...)
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Brasov study tour – inspiration for us all! | 556 visits
At the end of April the City of Brasov, Romania, winner of the second prize of the Display®/Towards Class Award in 2006, hosted Energie-Cités’ Annual (...)
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Display® welcomes the private sector | 487 visits
Recently a decision was made to make Display® available to a wider audience. Private sector companies are now welcome to participate in the Display® (...)
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Display® Campaign Shining Examples | 564 visits
League of Excellence Country Shining Examples UK 15 France 12 Switzerland 7 Germany 7 Ireland 5 Italy 3 Portugal 3 Finland 2 Bulgaria 1 (...)
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Do you have a Shining Example? | 535 visits
Shining Examples lie at the very heart of Display, because they are about promoting better performance in buildings, and showing people what works. It is (...)
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Communicate and Win at the 2nd "Towards Class A" award: 22 June deadline is looming! | 892 visits
Are you communicating energy issues to your municipal staff, to young and old building users in a creative and display ful manner ? For your municipality, (...)
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The “Towards Class A” electronic newsletter is intended to keep you posted on the activities and progress of the “Towards Class A - Municipal Buildings as Shining Examples” project (-). The “Towards Class A” project is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG TREN. It is aimed at anticipating and accelerating the implementation of the European “Buildings” Directive through the extension of the European Display® Campaign.

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