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Display® Shining example Cassop Primary School on ‘YouTube’!

Monday 3 March 2008

Cassop primary school, in county Durham, is producing its own clean green power thanks to:
- a 50 kWh generator wind turbine
- waste wood that otherwise would have gone to landfill
- a solar panel array on the roof

In general, Cassop School is a net exporter of electricity to the National grid.

Pupils get a chance to have hands on experience with technologies that are used to generate power. Some pedagogical tools have been designed to teach the pupils from Cassop Primary School and from other schools how energy can be generated from renewable energy sources.

Click on the link below for more information about this school on their ‘YouTube’ video.

Cassop Primary School, UK, Sustainable energy in schools

More detailed information is also available in the ‘Shining Examples’ section for Durham, UK, by clicking on the link below.

Integrating sustainable energy technologies with education

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