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First Slovak city joins Display!

Tuesday 27 June 2006

City district Bratislava-Vrakuna (SK) joins Display and becomes the Display relay city for Slovakia.

In Slovakia the Display Campaign is coordinated by municipality owned company Spokojne byvanie, s.r.o. (Comfortable living) that manages all residential buildings in the municipality and is in a direct contact with their inhabitants. Its main objective is to implement sustainable energy measures in the buildings and reduce the households’ energy bills that represent a large proportion of their annual spending.

One of the tools how the company aims to achieve energy savings is to raise energy awareness and change behavioural habits of the inhabitants by providing information via its website, promotional seminars and information campaigns.

The Display Campaign has first been launched in residential buildings to show people that lower energy consumption and subsequent economic savings have a direct impact on their own budgets. Later on, the Display auto-labels will be displayed on the public buildings such as schools and kindergartens (depending on availability of energy consumption data).

The first positive reactions of the citizens show that they appreciate the communication initiatives of the municipal company and information provided. No doubt, it gives them a feeling that the municipality cares about them and strives to provide them with a comfortable living space. Attractive place to live, isn’t it?

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Opening of the cultural summer in Bratislava-Vrakuna
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Promotion of the Display Campaign
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